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​Visual Springboarding™

Introduction: What is Visual Springboarding™?

Visual Springboarding™ was developed by communications trainer Sherri Williams of Global Confidence. It is a method for structuring and preparing for spoken communication in a language other than your own. Specially-designed Visual Springboards™ can help you:

​   - Structure your thoughts & ideas

​   - Provide a visual template for your notes

​   - Give you confidence to speak freely and fluently

When you are speaking in a second (or third or fourth!) language, it can be tempting to write out your notes in full sentences to prepare for a presentation or meeting. But because the way we write is different than the way we speak, this can lead to boring, un-natural speech.

Instead, you can take short, memory-boosting notes on a Visual Springboard™ sheet and then simply describe the picture as you speak!

Who can use this method?

​​Anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills in any language can use Visual Springboarding™. It is especially good for students and businesspeople preparing for meetings, presentations or discussions in a foreign language. It can also be used by language trainers, speaking coaches or schoolteachers with individuals or in groups.

​How do I use Visual Springboards™?

​The Visual Springboarding™ method is simple and very flexible.

  1. ​Select a topic for your chosen Springboard
  2. Write outline-style notes (not full sentences) in the spaces provided
  3. Practice speaking by describing the picture out loud—have someone listen to you, or record yourself
  4. Practice, practice, practice!

Most importantly, have fun!

Free Visual Springboarding Starter Pack

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