​​Increase your ​​quotas and achieve sales success
...in English!

​Let ​Global Confidence show you the way to sales success

​Global Confidence has a unique training approach: ​combining traditional sales skills with ​language work ​​​to effectively prepare you for dealing with clients in English.

​​With our training you ​will be able to:

  • establish relationships and build rapport with international clients
  • present your products and ​services clearly and professionally
  • persuade ​clients to ​do business with you
  • negotiate and close ​deals ​in English

​"How to Sell In English with Confidence" - 2-day workshop

Are you already a great salesperson in your own language but don’t have confidence when dealing with English-speaking clients?  Global Confidence’s workshop “How to sell in English” is specially designed to help you successfully close deals in English.

To be competitive on the global market, you and your sales team need to be confident selling in English. Global Confidence’s workshops are more effective than traditional sales training programs because they combine sales techniques with effective language methods that help your team expand their pool of potential clients and close more deals. If your sales team has only had sales training in their own language, then it’s time to start training in English. Let Global Confidence help you and your team gain more English-speaking clients and see your profits soar.


This workshop will help you…
  • Become more confident expressing yourself in sales situations
  • Build great long-term relationships with your customers
  • Enhance your professional image and represent your company with pride
  • Gain respect from your clients and colleagues
  • Reduce misunderstandings in your contract negotiations
  • Deal effectively with difficult clients and cultural differences
  • Close more deals with English-speaking clients and increase your bottom line

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is designed for experienced salespeople who are already great at selling in their own language but aren’t fully confident with English-speaking clients. You should have an intermediate to advanced level of English to participate (CEFR scale B1 or higher).

In order to keep our sessions as interactive as possible and ensure plenty of time for spoken practice and individual feedback, our workshops are limited to 8-10 participants.

Program Components

  • Pre-assessment of your team’s skills and industry-specific needs
  • Customized content based on needs assessment
  • Presentation of language theory, communication strategies and sales techniques
  • Practical, interactive activities, roleplays and simulations
  • Resource pages with useful phrases and communication tips
  • Optional 1-to-1 coaching as follow-up

Workshop Contents

The Challenges of Selling in English

  • Learn the characteristics of English as a Lingua Franca as used in business
  • Express yourself clearly and simply to your English-speaking clients
  • What to do when you don’t understand
  • What to do when your English is better than theirs

Customer-Focused Sales

  • How to properly conduct a customer needs analysis
  • Identify your customer’s pain points
  • Deal with different client personalities

Building Rapport with Clients

  • Use small talk to build rapport with your clients
  • Deal effectively with intercultural issues
  • Make cold or warm calls in English with confidence

Presenting your Product/Service

  • Describe your USPs persuasively
  • Communicate the key benefits for your customers
  • Negotiate & close deals

What ​​our Clients Are Saying

What do ​our past ​participants think of the ​training?

​Während meines 6-monatigen Englisch-Training habe ich Sherri Williams als eine sehr qualifizierte und empathische Trainerin kennengelernt.
Durch ihren interessanten und durchdachten Training konnte ich innerhalb kürzester Zeit einen echten Lernfortschritt feststellen - und Spaß gemacht hat es auch noch.

​T. Boldt

​Sherri ist eine wirklich sehr herzliche ​Trainerin, sie schafft es das ​Training so zu gestalten, dass es Spaß macht. ​Sie gibt einem nicht das Gefühl, dass man sich schlecht fühlen würde, wenn man etwas falsches sagt.

Ich habe das ​Training bei ihr wirklich sehr genossen und es hat mir geholfen mein Englisch zu verbessern!

​S. Fischer

Communicate Internationally

​Learn to deal with English-speaking clients across cultures and stay competitive in the global market.

​Increase Your Confidence

​Improve your fluency and flow, as well as your ability to make small talk and establish relationships in English.

​Improve Your Bottom Line

​No more failed negotiations, lost clients or missed opportunities! Finally close ​deals with English-speaking clients and ​increase your sales.

​Is This training right for you?

  • ​You use English regularly in your work at an intermediate or advanced level
  • You don't feel comfortable ​negotiating with English-speaking clients
  • You feel nervous making small talk or presentations in English
  • You want to speak fluently and confidently

If ​any of these points describe you, ​our training can help! Sign up below for a free consultation.

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